Skeptiles: Episode 93 – Episode 93 – The (Absurdly) Late Show

Skeptiles: Episode 93 – Episode 93 – The (Absurdly) Late Show

skeptiles4-itunes Skeptiles — we give you last weeks news today! We talk about the Supreme Court’s decisions on Hobby Lobby and unions, Israel’s war on Palestine, racist asshole, Anthony Cumia, caught being a racist asshole and a 5 year old boy is charged with sexual misconduct, plus, Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments and a quiz.



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Hobby Lobby Ruling

References regarding union busting by National Guard: Wikipedia | The Ludlow Massacre | on the spread of National Guard armories for the purpose of putting down popular revolt, see A People’s History of the United States, by Howard Zinn.

Israel Attacks Palestine

SiriusXM Host Claims “Cuntrag” Assaulted Him in Racist Twitter Rant

District defends kindergartner’s sexual misconduct discipline

Catholic Church’s military diocese head bishop Max Davis charged with child sex

Judge modifies pastor’s sex offender probation

CHP Answers Excessive Force Charge In Beating Of Woman On Side Of Freeway


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  1. Did you notice the dateline on that story about “District defends kindergartner’s sexual misconduct discipline”?
    SURPRISE, Arizona! You can’t make this shit up.

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