Skeptiles: Episode 89 – Pastor Punch Up

Skeptiles: Episode 89 – Pastor Punch Up


Skeptiles for Wednesday, June 12th, 2014. We discuss the accident that injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed comedian Jimmy Mack. We debate Digifest, a live showcase of YouTube stars. 800 children found in mass grave in Ireland. A billionaire gets off with 4 months of jail time for child rape. And a pastor vacationing in Vegas gives a man brain damage, not with a bible, but with his fists.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 89 – Pastor Punch Up”

  1. Yay! I’m in the office alone so I can listen online (instead of via stitcher) and comment!

    YT show sounds stupid, not sure I get it, but good luck to ’em! My favourite musical comedian is Bill Bailey – he’s hilarious! I prefer him to Tim Minchin.

    Joe Rogan’s dumb gullibility is exactly why I can’t listen to his podcast, even though I do like a lot of podcasts that have sort of spun off his.

    The state of reproductive rights in Ireland is fucking shameful. Usually I’m ashamed of my English heritage, but nothing makes me more ashamed of my Irish heritage than these kinds of stories. Makes me sick….

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