Skeptiles: Episode 81 – Travis Simmons

Skeptiles: Episode 81 – Travis Simmons

skeptiles4-itunes Skeptiles for Saturday, April 12th, 2014. We interview Seattle based comedian and podcaster Travis Simmons. Travis sits in with us on our usual set of stories and Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 81 – Travis Simmons”

  1. Wow, Leighann is probably glad she missed the conversation about rim-jobs and anal!?

    Travis was well cool, so I will check out his podcast sometime. I do think that Shawn is kinda right about the middle-classes generally being the group that enables ‘revolution’ and real societal change. But I do think the reasons for it are complex. There are other examples; Gandhi was a lawyer before working to free India. The Sufferagettes were predominantly privilaged women, with the help of equally priviliged men. Even now, alot of people who take part in movements like Occupy while may be hippies/students they often come from middle-class homes. This is one of the things that annoys me about ‘check your privilige’ types – it’s the politics of division, when we’re stronger when we include the maximum number of people. So, going back to Gandhi, sure he was priviliged, but he mobilised masses – he would’ve got nowhere with people telling him to ‘check his privilige’ since he had a good education and was well travelled and was male.

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