Skeptiles: Episode 80: The Two Assed Ramble

Skeptiles: Episode 80: The Two Assed Ramble


Skeptiles for Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014. Leighann is away on a comedy gig so Joe and Shawn ramble about everything from dating, the Spanish Civil War, creationism in schools and the #CancelColbert campaign. Plus Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments and a quiz.



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3 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 80: The Two Assed Ramble”

  1. I’ve been listening loads on Stitcher due to now having to share my office, so keep forgetting to comment. I had something I wanted to say, but have now forgotten – dumbarse…. Was gonna comment on your dating conversation though; I don’t know if the UK is different, or if it’s just me and the circles I move in, but in my experience dating seems to be something you do after you’ve already hooked up. Forget a cheap first-date, I don’t think I’ve ever taken someone on a date until after we’ve already got pretty ‘close’. I’ve been part of a couple for nearly 10 years now though, so things might have changed… could be youth too I guess, maybe girls in their 30s expect more than girls in their early 20s 😉

    On a side note, listening to you and the great comedians you have as guests has encouraged me to go out to comedy more! Support my local comedy events. I am know known as ‘the guy with the laugh’ – it’s very untamed and stoners are easy to make laugh. My girlfriend calls me Brian because it reminds her of Brian Blessed! Just thought I’d share that.

  2. i am a big fan. however, joe said that men are still expected to pay. I am female and I always pay my own way. and I think there are other women who do. I object strongly to women who use men as a meal ticket. it is an antiquated idea, and is used as an excuse to pay women less. this is one reason I never married. ps, I am attractive, financially secure, and have a male partner.

  3. 24 minutes of ramble to tell us that you’re both cheap bastids on a date?!

    funny episode. and first dates should be kept simple–coffee or cocktails at a place where you don’t have to yell to hear one another. i think ordering the pricey drink on the chick’s part was classless and a definite clue as to what she’s about and what she expects of a man. and i’m a chick : )

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