Skeptiles: Episode 68 – Carl W. Franke (and Scooter)

Skeptiles: Episode 68 – Carl W. Franke (and Scooter)

skeptiles3-itunes Skeptiles for Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 featuring the host of the Post Rapture Looting podcast, Carl W. Franke and the return of Scooter before our new third co-host takes over next week. We start the show interviewing Carl and then respond to a listener’s post on our website regarding our discussion of Israel in a previous show. The Supreme Court humors anti-choice zealots at the expense of women. France raises taxes on the rich and Rolling Stone offers advice on making our economy fairer. A Rabbi cuts a baby’s penis off (sorry, no joke there). The trials of an undocumented immigrant trying to win the right to practice law in the US. And Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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3 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 68 – Carl W. Franke (and Scooter)”

  1. I think you meant Hugo Chavez on the policy for oil money, not Cesar Chavez. But maybe they both said the same things on that topic!

  2. Arrrrrrrhhhh! Took time off the interwebz over xmas, so have been playing ‘catch-up’, but every time (so far) I’ve just caught up another episode comes along. Not go the time to comment on all of them seperately, so I will just say that all the guests were really good, but I think you got the best of them with Leighann; she was refreshing and intelligent. Also, the audio mixing is getting much better!

    I would just like to go on record as saying; I had a circumcision and I can tell you unequivocally it DOES make your penis less sensitive, and that’s something they tell you when you go for it. It was a medically necessary procedure, not cosmetic (which, not to brag too much, means I got it for free on the NHS), as I had a shortened frelum. Shawn is right in that it is not the actual foreskin that is sensitive, but it has to do with something he mentioned – the glans-skin becomes a bit thicker and not so much a mucous membrane. As someone who has masturbated both with AND without foreskin I can say it was definitely less sensitive after. I would say the difference is about comparable with the difference between sex with a really good, thin, condom and sex ‘bareback’. I guess it’s similar to how hands/feet become less sensitive when you have callouses build up. If Shawn was circumcised young he probably wouldn’t know the difference, but Joe almost certainly has more feeling in his penis (or is it a swollen clitoris?)…. On a similar note, it was mentioned that no adult should have the right to force a child to go through such a medically unnecessary procedure. It reminded me of a local custom; I live in a very old fishing town (by very old, I mean it’s been around alot longer than the US – our castle ruin was built in the C11th) and something that the fishing families do is pierce their babies ear (girls and boys) before their 1st birthday. Don’t really agree with it for pretty much the same reasons as circumcision, but just goes to show people all over consider children their property to do whatever the fuck they like with….

    Anyhow, I was also fascinated by the ‘Five Economic Reforms’ piece. It reminded me alot of the ‘RICH Economy’ – an idea from a Robert Anton Wilson novel call ‘Schroedinger’s Cat’. I was gonna paste it here, but it was too long so I posted it to Facebook so as not to fill your website:

  3. Rob, sorry for the late response. Thanks for the correction. We did realize the mistake afterwards. Unfortunately, your correction slipped my mind for this show. That’s why people need to use the hotline and get your comments and corrections on the air. Anyway, thanks again.


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