Skeptiles: Episode 67 – Kirk Noland

Skeptiles: Episode 67 – Kirk Noland

SkeptilesSkeptiles for Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 (recorded on Sunday, December 29th, 2013, our last show for 2013) with our special co-host comedian and video podcaster, Kirk Noland. Stories: A Christmas message form Edward Snowden. New York court sez: NSA A-OK. Unemployed Americans to lose benefits in 2014. Santa shot with pellet gun. A Trayvon Martin Nativity scene in Claremont, CA. An atheist billboard in Long Island brings out the inner douchebag in local god botherers. Crazy preacher man wants atheists to leave America. Israel removing Bedouin Israeli citizens “for progress”. Finally Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments and a year in review quiz.



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4 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 67 – Kirk Noland”

  1. This is terribly uninformed. About half of Jews came from Arab countries. being “white” has nothing to do with it. An Arab Israeli Supreme Court Justice voted to sent the former Israeli president to a seven year prison term, and arabs have representation in Israeli Parliament. While Settlements are controversial and not neccessarily the right thing to do, It is not a matter of coming over and bulldozing Palestinian Homes. There have been no new settlements built in 20 years (I invite you to tell me one that has), and most settlers are not fanatics. The West Bank is essentially an enclave that is next to the middle of Israel. Settlers live there to have cheaper homes yet still be close to the city-like center of the country. Most settlements are built right next to the green line, on land bought from arab landowners. In a possible peace agreement, by just annexing 3 percent of the West Bank for equal landswaps, Israel could ensure continuous borders for the Palestinians AND annex 80 percent of the so-called settler population. Remember, settlers include inhabitants of the Jewish Quarter of the West Bank and east Jerusalem. They’re not settlers because they live there, they are settlers because they live there and are Jewish. Now that’s discriminatory.

  2. I already wrote to N in his email he sent and then he reponded with more tiresome nonsense. Shawn wrote the above about addressing the points of this pro-aparthied advocate, but I just want to address a few things…

    For those offended by calliing Israel an aparthied state and suggest no one who knows anything about apartheid would say that here are two words Desmond Tutu…

    For those who say Israel air lifted African’s out of Ethopia therfore it just loves blacks there is this…. and this

    For those who say Israel is not displacing people there is this…

    Seriously, one could go on and on. This is silly.

  3. The artist of the Trayvon Martin nativity/tribute said something about people “unsuccessfully” killing Jesus. I think he was talking about when Herod supposedly ordered all the young male children of Bethlehem to be killed, because he heard a prophecy that one of them would become king and displace Herod. That attempt to kill Jesus was unsuccessful. It’s confusing because it sounds similar to Passover, when Pharaoh ordered the murder of all firstborn children. Whole lotta baby-killing going on in the Old Testament, and not all of it was by people carrying out Jehovah’s commands!

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