Skeptiles: Episode 64 – Shit Show

Skeptiles: Episode 64 – Shit Show

skeptiles3-itunes Skeptiles for Wednesday, December 11th, 2013: Our first show without Scooter engineering and boy does the sound quality suck! But the show is still pretty good. We discuss Nelson Mandela and his legacy. We question a surreal and nonsensical “War on Christmas” TV spot along with the very concept of the “War on Christmas”. Pat “Batty Patty” Robertson says crazy shit about divorce. Plus Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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3 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 64 – Shit Show”

  1. Hey guys, this might be useful for you moving forward–or maybe you are already doing it, lol! A lot of the podcasts are doing this to improve audio quality: everyone commnicates via Skype. Each person records the conversation on their end using Audacity. Finally, everyone sends their copy of the show to whoever masters the program so that each voice feed is solid with no breaks and sounds like it is recorded with everyone in the same room. This also helps so that, if anyone looses a file or has a hardware meltdown, there is still the lower fidelity skype recordings. Skeptics guide and Skeptic zone both do this.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the tips. We originally tried this method, but it proved time consuming for Scooter to sync up the audio and edit a multi-track recording. It seems to work best for shows that don’t have a lot of guests, but you can’t expect guests to be properly equipped to record their own track.

    We’ve been recording onto a single track at Scooter’s house since episode 4 or 5, we just had a technical glitch with the computer that was doing the recording. I do think we should have a backup, that is at least a second person recording the call.

    We’ll get it figured out, but thanks for the advice.


  3. Nice show guys. Thought I might notice a change in production quality with the loss of Scooter’s expertise, but smooth as silk 😉

    I can kinda see why people would associate MLK and Mandela; they’re both black men who fought for black-rights. People forget about the rest, just like they forget about the fighting/terrorism during the American revolution, because people suck. But I think one thing really links Mandela and MLK; although Mandela was no pacifist, who would have gone on fighting if he needed to, once he gained power he did not seek revenge. People in the West, especially America, cannot get their heads around this! You mean, they wronged him big-time, put him in jail for 18 years, and when he had the chance he didn’t seek bloody-vengeance?! You hear that? That’s all the minds being blown. Because that’s what we’re all about; retribution. Someone commits a crime? Forget about rehabilitation and ensuring less crime is committed, punish the fucker! A handful of angry and hateful arseholes fly a plane into a building should we a) reach out and make better connections with their societies, so that there is more understanding and empathy, or b) bomb them back into the stone-age (where their minds are) and then kill semi-indiscriminatingly using robots? So, to people who think like that, Mandela is a fucking saint because he didn’t kick all the white folk in the balls after being released (though, inviting his old jailer to his inauguration was a bit of a jab in the eye I reckon).

    I have had an idea about the ‘War on Christmas’, something that will piss them off even more than ALWAYS saying ‘happy holidays’……… only ever say ‘Merry Xmas’, pronouncing it ‘exmass’ – they will have aneurysms! If they ask ‘what about Christ?’ just say ‘he got x’d’ 😀

    This clip is probably the only time I’ve ever agreed with Pat; if you keep marrying piles of shit, you need to take some time out and be single. Get to know yourself. Hell, even reading one of those new-age hippy self-help books would probably help (for fuck’s sake, put down the bible!). Get out of your normal social circle and meet new guys, maybe a really friendly old hippy that’s into tantra or some shit. Stop picking up Chist-lovin’, Pat Robertson-watching, beer-drinking, Republican, dick-heads, because [shocker] it turns out they’re dick-heads.

    Finally, thanks for playing the clip; I cringed all the way through it. I didn’t sound quite as much of a dork as I was expecting, but fucking hell I’m a rambling old git. Was thinking about running a internet-streaming radio show once a month, but I think I need to practice not umming and ahing and making stupid noises. I blame the voicemail – I hate talking on voicemail, I always end up digressing…. I would like to clarify; I don’t exactly ‘believe’ in karma, so much as accept it’s underlying truth (that when we do ‘good’ things, they have consequences that are largely ‘good’, which have further consequences, ad infinitum, and is true for ‘bad’ actions too), that our actions have affects that ripple out forever, and that (for me at least) the most moral way to deal with this is to spin out as many ‘good’ actions, and as few ‘bad’ actions, as possible. Karma is just a nice allegory for this. As I said, to me it’s just as extensions of the laws of motion/thermodynamics as applied to human interaction…

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