Skeptiles: Episode 63 – Scooter’s Last Show

Skeptiles: Episode 63 – Scooter’s Last Show

skeptiles3-itunesSkeptiles for Wednesday, December 3rd, 2013 and we start on a sad note. Due to personal obligations, Scooter can’t be on the show with us regularly, stay tuned for updates in the next show. Stories: US negotiates a nuclear weapons ban with Iran, Israel upset at being made safer. Islamists want to punish women for having sexy time with water. The Pope decries capitalism; child rape, not so much. ‘That’s one spicy vagina’ say New Mexico corrections officers after pepper spraying a female inmate’s privates. Kids: don’t fight in school or risk being tasered into a coma by rent-a-cops. Russian Orthodox parents kill their child when they choose a bath in Jesus water over medical attention after a car accident. We get schooled by a listener about My Little Pony and Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 63 – Scooter’s Last Show”

  1. Hey guys. Really sorry to hear Scooter is leaving, and I hope it’s back often as a guest. I’ll still be around though – I wouldn’t miss my weekly roundup of all religious who’re raping children!

    Anyhow, the link I said about in my call is:

    Really interesting, especially coming from someone as much of an atheist as Douglas Adams… It definitely made me more sceptical, but in a different direction, now I tend to also think ‘ok, so maybe this isn’t literally true, but does it have any utility that is not explicit?’.

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