Skeptiles: Episode 62 – If it’s Browne flush it down.

Skeptiles: Episode 62 – If it’s Browne flush it down.

skeptiles3-itunes Skeptiles for Monday, November 25th, 2013: The guys talk about drugs. Cop vs. Squirrel, hilarity ensues. Catholics “help” wounded, starving and homeless survivors of the Philippines typhoon by sending worthless pieces of paper and Jesus jewelry. Cops addicted to harassing innocent people in Dade County, Florida. Eating for Jesus bad for your health. Stoner ghost hunters accidentally burn down plantation. Listeners call and email with corrections. And a special Arrested Developments that roasts dead “psychic” and horrible human being Sylvia Browne, plus a bonus Sylvia Browne quiz.



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2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 62 – If it’s Browne flush it down.”

  1. With you on the subject of needles – I just couldn’t do it. It’s bad enough getting a flu-jab. I used to know a guy who injected amphetamines and I thought he was insane for doing it. I even think Leary was off his rocker for injecting DMT, especially considering how much of a rush simply smoking that stuff give you! Shulgan reckoned smoked DMT was as strong/fast as injecting, so why bother? Seen people smoke heroin, but not inject it… On the subject of heroin, this is my favourite festive animation, courtesy of William Burroughs and Frank Coppola:

    I totally get you with Aus vs NZ – who can tell them apart? It’s just like the US and Canada, right? Y’all have them kooky accents, like three or four European accents all mixed up (Irish, English, Scottish, and Dutch mostly, bit of Spanish and Italian). I’m pretty certain there was some nuance to US vs Canada in Scott Pilgram that went straight over my head. And don’t get me started on telling China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc apart, they all just look the same, right? 😉

    The Christian ‘charity’ bollocks really gets me pissed off – it’s not fucking charity if you’re not actually helping people! FFS. You know some of the ‘fair trade’ badges get awarded for companies that don’t actually pay their workers a decent wage/price, but instead doante to Christian groups who set up and run community schools to give all the brown kids a ‘good Christian’ education?! Makes me sick…

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