Skeptiles: Episode 56 – Leg Breaking Rabbis

Skeptiles: Episode 56 – Leg Breaking Rabbis


Skeptiles for Tuesday, October 15th in which we call bullshit on “vodka connoisseurs”, we make a correction, and we talk about our usual set of crazy stories: “endtimes prophet” William Tapley warns us about Obamacare’s naughty number; Shawn relates his experience signing up for the Affordable Care Act; a girl is crucified during an exorcism in France; a Polish Archbishop, in response to the church child rape scandal rocking Poland, blames the victims; we argue over whether serial killers are smart; Jim Bob Duggar, husband of the lady with the famous clown car vagina compares America to Nazi Germany; a Muslim cleric bans photography for being unislamic, finally Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments, including gangster leg breaking rabbis and priests hitting on park rangers.



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2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 56 – Leg Breaking Rabbis”

  1. A little follow up to our vodka connoisseurs segment of the show. Scooter claimed that he saw an episode of Mythbusters where a self-proclaimed vodka connoisseur got the top shelf vodka right in a blind taste test. But Scooter misremembered that episode, because what was actually being tested was not whether a connoisseur could tell the difference between Grey Goose and Smirnoff (I still contend he can’t because there is no difference after a certain baseline of quality is crossed) but whether a connoisseur could tell the difference between top shelf vodka and cheap vodka filtered through a Brita filter.

    A completely nonsensical test but also a comparatively easy test. There is a difference between super cheap vodka (like Sobieski or any dirt cheap plastic bottle vodka) and good vodka (from Smirnoff to Grey Goose to Stoli), but there is really no human detectable difference between, say, Smirnoff and Grey Goose. A vodka connoisseur is still as silly and fake as a tea leaf reader.

    Here’s the Mythbusters episode.

    Vodka Top Shelf Filtration

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