Skeptiles: Episode 55 – Anti-Government Government Employees

Skeptiles: Episode 55 – Anti-Government Government Employees


Skeptiles for Monday, October 7th, in which we congratulate friend of the show, Abbie Smith,  (ERV blog) on completing her doctoral dissertation; we also talk about Wendy Davis’ run for governor of Texas, the virtues of Mickey’s Big Mouths, the government shutdown and the idiotic attempts at “humor” by right wing memesters and how being a greedy sociopath is rarely funny; we digress on the monetary system and unemployment and talk about Switzerland’s proposal for a minimum basic income for its citizens, we unveil our new listener voicemail number, Bryan Fischer says crazy things again, plus Joe brings us fresh arrested developments.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 55 – Anti-Government Government Employees”

  1. Love the talk about money – first got onto it after Scooter had some clips on The Inner Side from Kaputt Radio in Aus. After he told me via email where he got them from, I tracked down the KR archive and listened to them – they are amazing! BTW, I can’t find the archive anymore, but if you want a copy of the ‘money’ episodes (two ep, plus the Suzuki interview) I have copies I can send. And yeah, I’m always calling BS on anyone I hear/read utter the words ‘we should go back on the gold standard’ – you can’t eat gold, dipshits. I think we need to go on the marijuana-standard – that shit has value. Or something else entirely… in an Iain Banks book some aliens didn’t have money, but had a form of exchange that roughly translates as ‘kudos’, the more ‘kudos’ you have the greater the level of resources you can draw on – that rings my bells! Maybe it needs to be a public ‘karma’ ranking system; arseholes get fuck all, but awesome people live like kings! We’d probably get a better class of music from the get-go…

    Must remember to prank call you guys sometime. From the office phone of course; UK to USA probably costs…

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