Skeptiles: Episode 54 – No Ho(meopathy)

Skeptiles: Episode 54 – No Ho(meopathy)

Skeptiles Skeptiles for Monday, September 30th, 2013 in which we discuss the following: the underwhelming debate last week between Richard Dawkins and Jon Stwewart, religious narcissism, a “coach” of something speaks out for poor misunderstood folks like Fred Phelps and Pastor Terry Jones, the impending government shutdown, Glenn Beck makes his Senate and presidential picks and they’re as absurd as you’d expect, The Young Turks report that, according to some child psychologists, 25 year olds are really still children, and we all agree that the baby boomers are the absolute worst generation in history, plus Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 54 – No Ho(meopathy)”

  1. Let me get this straight – a ‘doctor’ gave a women a homoeopathic injection? So, he gave her IV water??

    I intend to be a child until I die, I’m doing a good job of remaining largely childish at 33…

    I know we don’t have a constitution here in the UK, but we do have rights, like the right to free speech. Scooter once read out Rowen Atkinson’s rousing defence of freedom to mock religions. And TBH, right now the US constitution doesn’t appear to be worth the antique vellum it’s written on, since every week there seems to be a new story about how some part of the US or other is riding rough-shod all over that shit. You used to have a constitution (I’m sure George Carlin said something to that effect – “I love the freedoms we used to have”), but right now you have the same thing as the rest of us; two hopes – Bob Hope and No Hope…. The Scottish guys were awesome though. Thinking about moving up there before they cut-ties to England – they still have free education, fucking pinko-socialists…

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