Skeptiles: Episode 50 – Manning, Measles and Morons

Skeptiles: Episode 50 – Manning, Measles and Morons

Skeptiles Skeptiles for Monday, August 26th, 2013 — our 50th episode! In this show, we open with Chelsea Manning’s letter to the president, and we also talk about how the NRA is ever-vigilant against nefarious government databases but not when building their own nefarious database of gun owners, we discuss the heroism of Antoinette Tuff, a Texas mega-church is the epicenter of a measles outbreak, the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s court challenge to churches engaging in political campaigning, Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association whines about Christians having their bigotry discriminated against, krazy kristian broadcaster Kevin Swanson fantasizes aloud about all the merit badges he could earn in the new gay Boy Scouts, a dumb cop shoots an elderly man’s service dog when delivering a warrant at the wrong address, lightening strikes a worker at the creationism museum, Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments and we close out the show with a talk from Lawrence Krauss.



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  1. Great show! Commenting late as I listened on Stitcher. Shame no show this week, but I guess everyone needs a holiday. Chelsea Manning letter is heartbreaking, all I wanna do is break her out of jail… I hope that sometime in the non-too-distant future the US gets a leader with enough care and compassion to release her…

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