Skeptiles: Episode 48 – Jesus is my Cabin Boy

Skeptiles: Episode 48 – Jesus is my Cabin Boy

Skeptiles A belated Skeptiles (now with 70% more technical difficulties) for Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 in which we talk about crazy Christians fleeing homosexuality and illegal immigration who get lost at sea in their bid to illegally immigrate to a remote island when they decide to make Jesus their navigator, noted closet case homophobe
“Dr. Chaps” Gordon Klingenschmitt urges his followers to sell their clothes and buy a gun, dum dum Catholics think dripping aphid poop is really the tears of baby Jesus, a baby in Tennessee is spared being named “Messisah”, a lawyer wants to sue Israel for Jesus’ crucifixion, a man blows up the family dog (it was possessed by the devil, obviously), and Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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4 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 48 – Jesus is my Cabin Boy”

  1. Those Krazy Kristians, sailing off over the Pacific – don’t they know everyone on the other side is either Muslin or Buddhist?! They’d be better off sailing over to Africa – Africa has plenty of Christian nut-cases just waiting to tell you to kill gay people and the like. Guess the people there are the right kinda Christian, only the wrong colour 😉

    As hysterical as it was, the LOLs were kinda overshadowed by the hysterical way Shawns phone kept fucking up! Fuck LSD or NO2 – that sounded just like the music did on DMT! Like the sound was being washed down a fucking plug-hole! It was so weird I couldn’t tell which noises were Shawns defective line and which were comical SFX added by Scooter – there were times that I coulde’ve mistaken this shit for flashbacks!

    Regarding baby names; I don’t know how you got it in the US, but here in the UK they most definitely CAN make you choose a different baby name. I don’t know if they would have a problem with ‘messiah’ as we have less religious hang-ups (at least, within the bureaucracy), but you definitely can’t call your kid ‘Fuckface’ or some such. There was a thing about it in the papers recently, but I can’t seem to find it now… however, according to this article:

    “The UK’s rules on baby names are among the most liberal in the world” and we’ve had a couple of Supermans and Gandalfs in the past 30 years!

    1. Thanks for writing, Antony. The judge in that baby naming case seemed to put her religious views ahead of what the law says, so I still imagine some court can step in and over rule her. That is, if the family wants to pursue it. I believe state law determines if a government body can step in and change the name of a baby against the parents wishes but it would have to be an exteme case. As I said on the show, their are people who’ve named their child, Adolf Hitler. Surely if one can get away with that one you can name a kid Messiah. Hell, we have tons of Latin American children now living in the US named Jesus! But Messiah is taboo? Nonsense.

      1. Yeah, the Jesus thing always gets me! I do think the parents should think twice about perusing overturning the decision – no kid’s gonna like being called Messiah! That said, I do think that some celebrity names are worse – ‘North West’?! Per-lease!

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