Skeptiles: Episode 47 – Hot Teen Exorcists

Skeptiles: Episode 47 – Hot Teen Exorcists

Skeptiles Skeptiles for Monday, August 5th, 2013 in which we talk about Scooter’s visit to the Houston Atheists ‘Answers in Science’ Convention (with audio from AronRa and PZ Myers) and their protest against Ken Ham who happened to be in Texas at the same time, we talk about the “Head Covering Movement” and leave it to our listeners to guess if it’s a POE or not, also hot teen exorcists cast out “sexually transmitted demons”, we listen to audio from the world’s saddest ex-gay rally, Pat Robertson turns ghostbuster, an update on a Christian cannibal ventriloquist, a Milwaukee judge exempts the Catholic Church from accountability,  Cindy Jacobs quotes Jerry Lee Lewis and, keeping with the ’50s nostalgia theme, John Hagee rants against Rock ‘n’ Roll, we learn that the NSA and CIA are secret Marxist organizations from a pal of Glenn Beck, and Joe Brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 47 – Hot Teen Exorcists”

  1. Great to have Shawn back for this one, though Joshie was an A* replacement! I find the Christian home-school thing quite interesting from here in the UK as I was home-schooled myself, however over here home-schooling is mostly done by parents that are unhappy with the quality/direction/style of education available in state-schools and don’t believe in Public Schooling (what we confusingly call private schools in the UK – I have no idea why). My own parents worked from home and so organised the education of me and my sisters around it, along with other parents home-schooling in the area – so some other kids came to our house to learn maths from my Dad, but we went other places to learn art or music and such. It was really good and in many ways of a much higher standard than school as it wasn’t just an education in learning ‘facts’, but an education in critical thinking, the way school should be… It makes me sad to see the movement being subverted to achieve the opposite…

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but the Teen Exorcists sounded hilarious – can’t wait to view it! Can’t believe suckers buy this crap!

    Oh, if any footage of the Answers in Science thing emerge could you post links somewhere – would love to see some of it! Have already watched the video of AronRa in a circular argument with some CreatioTard – funny for a minute or two, but get’s dull after a while. I love the work he does, but like Thunderf00t he really doesn’t have the kind of charisma and personality you need to make those kind of impromptu discussions interesting, a bit too serious and wooden. Probably because ultimately they’re scientists. Comedians would do it better!

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