Skeptiles: Episode 45 – Idiots Deluxe

Skeptiles: Episode 45 – Idiots Deluxe

Skeptiles  Skeptiles for Monday, July 22nd, 2013 in which we talk about navel gazing in the atheist movement regarding racism and sexism and complaints over talking about Travon Martin on an atheist podcast, also atheists pooping their pants over a hillbilly “vandalizing” an atheist monument. We talk about Satanists turning Fred Phelps’ dead mother gay, a Swedish Mormon discovers the Internet and finds that much of Mormonism is bullshit, a psychic shits the bed on a local TV morning show, the Taliban whine about the unfair treatment they’ve received from a teenage girl that they shot in the face, a study finds that when cops are being watched they are on their best behavior. Finally, Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 45 – Idiots Deluxe”

  1. LMFAO guys. It’s been a stressful week, so thanks for that. Two weeks holiday next week, thank fuck!

    Love that you’re drinking the Crabbies Joe – one of my favourites! It’s not Jamaican though Scooter, it’s from Scotland.

    Over here in the UK we do not generally call Marijuana ‘hemp’, though if you did people’d know what you mean. ‘pot’ is kinda old fashioned, like what your parents would call it if they were trying to be cool, the press and stuff generally call it ‘cannabis’ or ‘marijuana’. Real people who actually smoke it call it ‘weed’, ‘skunk’, ‘punk’, ‘smoke’, or ‘green’. Kind of odd that it was called hemp in that report, but I think that fucked up robotic voice kinda gives it away – I reckon it’s a transalted report, transcribed and fed into some british-accented Siri-type of voice-machine, and probably the closest actual word match to the original report was ‘hemp’. I’ve heard similar ones.

    That crappy ‘psychic’ cold-reading made my week! Gonna show that to my girlfriend when I get home!

  2. Just a note here–the comment was made that not all British nationalists are skinheads. It is also true that not all skinheads are nazis. The skinhead movement started in the sixties as a sort of working class youth movement. As in many groups some were racist while others were not–many tended toward hooliganism. Later during the seventies, the National Front recruited from and adopted skinhead style. Having known some skinheads who are anything but racist, I feel that it should be mentioned that, as in many other instances, the media has unfairly painted all skinheads with the neonazi brush when, in fact, many are not and the original movement had nothing to do with race and included many Jamaican imigrants to great Britain. Anyhow, thanks for another great podcast guys!

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