Skeptiles: Episode 43 – Jimmy Dore

Skeptiles: Episode 43 – Jimmy Dore

Skeptiles Skeptiles for Monday, July 8th, 2013 in which we speak with comedian Jimmy Dore about his fantastic podcast The Jimmy Dore Show, his stand-up career and he riffs on current events, then Joe, Scooter and Shawn kick some stories around and Joe brings us fresh arrested developments.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 43 – Jimmy Dore”

  1. Great show guys – Jimmy Dore was hilarious! My boss’s 15 year old son is doing work experience with us ATM, and we couldn’t stop laughing either! Jimmy smokes weed AND has done shrooms – my hero! Joe, if you’re REALLY interested in a psychedelic experience see if you can score some DMT, only last 10min or so but that shit is STRONG! It’s like psychedelic crack, only not addictive….

    Being shot for dancing in the rain is a whole new low for religious nutters. Fucking sick. Next it’ll be fore smiling or laughing or some shit…

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