Skeptiles: Episode 4 – One Sikh SOB

Skeptiles: Episode 4 – One Sikh SOB


Skeptiles for August 12th 2012, in which we talk about the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting (a little belated now, but we were right that the shooter was a white guy), Christian perverts and conspiracy dummies.




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2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 4 – One Sikh SOB”

  1. Those sick fucks thinking of killing and torturing children… I
    Know you all are laughing because it’s uncomfortable etc… But as a first time listener it just made me ill, not to mention sad. I just can’t laugh at this and I can see people finding your attempt to laugh to be reprehensible. Again, I’m not trying to judge, or preach, but I really…. Well, I’m sick beyond any ability I have to describe when thinking of the access these bastards have to children and even my somewhat perverse and teenage mentality can’t laugh at it. Thank you for the info but please temper the laughter… Ughhh

  2. Hi Scooter!

    Love your show[s]! Quite right about the Sikhs getting loads of crap from racist douches who mistake them for Muslims (we get that shit over here is the UK too), but it’s not quite right that Sikhs and Muslims are enemies. I work with a couple of Sikh guys and talked with them about Sikhism; they told me that Sikhs encourage all people to follow the faith they were raised with, to be true to their culture, and that one of the Sikh Gurus (they have like a dozen of them) is the only religious leader to have died standing up for another religion when he stood up for Islam….

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