Skeptiles: Episode 37 – Twister

Skeptiles: Episode 37 – Twister

Skeptiles Skeptiles for Monday, May 27th, 2013 in which we talk about the Oklahoma tornado disaster, Rebecca Vitsmun being accosted by Wolf Blitzer, Doug Stanhope’s fundraiser to get her family on their feet, Glenn Beck’s nutty take on it and Alex Jones’ kooky weather weapon theories, a secular state senator, a French right-winger suicide and Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 37 – Twister”

  1. Great show guys! Looking forward to you getting another guest on soon.

    I was slightly disappointed with your coverage of the Woolwich execution, instead of playing the actual audio of the crazy loons you played a clip of some news reporter who sounded like SIRI or some other CG-voice. A shame, because you missed what I thought was probably the most interesting part of the whole event; one these guys (the guy who talked to the camera) was obviously a S.London resident – you could tell from his accent. Lambeth (where wiki says he’s from??) is about as close to London equivalent of Harlem as you can get (except, maybe, Ladbroke Grove, where they have the Nottinghill Festival). This guy only converted to Islam in 2003, from Christianity. Yet when he’s jabbering away, hands covered in this soldiers blood, he’s chatting about ‘your government lies to you’ and ‘our women have been seeing this for years’ (meaning in Afghanistan and Pakistan) – the guy is fucking British! He’s a noob to Islam! Seriously, what an idiot – can’t even tell the difference between religion and nationality?! I wanted to slap him upside the head when he said that and tell him “you complete tool – it’s YOUR government too! Do you think that some black guy with a S.London accent is going to turn up in Afganistan or Pakistan and be treated like a local? They’re using you! You’re Bristish, and just ’cause you converted to Islam it doesn’t make you Afghani or Pakistani, or Iranian, or Mayalsian, or a national of any other Islamic country – you’re still fucking British!”

    Still, you were spot-on with your analysis of the EDF (who, incidentally, sprung from the old National Front, which you mentioned in a Billy Bragg lyric)! Tommy Robinson is a complete fuckwit. Have you seen the EDF ‘Muslamic Rayguns’ autotune video? You should google it – it’s a classic. And Billy Bragg is as awesome as you all say. We need many more outspoken and political musicians, I’m fed up with all the bland meaningless pop-crap that get’s put out there….

    And that politician who did the Humanist ‘prayer’ was awesome. As was the woman from Oklahoma. We are winning!

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