Skeptiles: Episode 34 – Cinco de Fakeo

Skeptiles: Episode 34 – Cinco de Fakeo

SkeptilesSkeptiles for Cinco de Mayo, in which we talk about the beer brewer holiday called Cinco de Mayo, we say farewell to Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, we laugh at stupid and racist people from Texas and weirdly moralizing ESPN sportscasters, finally Joe brings fresh Arrested Developments.



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3 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 34 – Cinco de Fakeo”

  1. Wow, I had heard about the Guitarist from Slayer’s death, but I hadn’t heard how. What a tool. What a nasty way to go. Very fucking rock’n’roll though…

    Did Scooter talk about injecting cocaine, or did I imagine that? Or was it another Skeptiles episode? I listened a couple of days ago, but have been to busy at work to comment. Nasty thing to do anyhow – drugs are fine AFAIC, but performing amateur IV injections while also high sounds really stupid. And cocaine is probably the worst drug on the planet next to nicotine… Funnily (?) enough I was reading a crazy IV story the other day, though it was someone who tried injecting DMT in their dorm before a class…

    Anyhow, we don’t have that deMayo thing over here, although we get plenty of St Paddy’s day so I can but imagine the kind of drunken douches you get. We had a ‘pagan’ thing where I live; they slaying of the Jack to release the spirit of summer, or some such. Mostly it’s just a great excuse to go a drink in the sunshine and see all those people you only see there each year… You still get a lot of drunken douches though… oh, and a significant percentage of all the bikers in the UK come here on the same day, so all you can hear all day is the sound of Morris Men accompanied by Harley-TwinV-in-Dmin:…52421.62864.0.63061.…0.0…1c.1.12.img.6s5tLigSoO4&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.46340616,d.d2k&fp=4b3631e9958110b8&biw=1440&bih=732

    1. Sorry it took me so long to approve your comment. I think it got held for approval because of the weblinks in your comment. We do appreciate your comments, we’re just really lazy about looking at the comment approval queue.

      1. No worries. Tried commenting at FTB a couple of times, but comments never seemed to leave moderator-limbo, so I stopped bothering. I guess I’m not the kind of sceptic/free-thinker they’re looking for….

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