Skeptiles: Episode 32 – Dr. Mark Crislip, MD

Skeptiles: Episode 32 – Dr. Mark Crislip, MD

Skeptiles Skeptiles for Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 in which we talk with Dr. Mark Crislip of the QuackCast podcast and the Science Based Medicine Blog and Scooter and Shawn talk about crazy Christians, the Boston Bombers and a shooting at a 420 rally in Denver. Finally, Scooter shares a great Patton Oswalt/Alex Jones mashup.



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3 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 32 – Dr. Mark Crislip, MD”

  1. Re: scary games and Pokemon, it’s easy to make fun of them for talking about “demonic” games, but this illustrates how they see any kind of competition as evil, anything kids might take an interest in outside of religious activities. Just like most of the names of demons we hear about or see in the Bible are the names of competing gods that were worshipped in the area where Yahweh’s fans lived. Baal, Baphomet (basically a misspelled or misheard “Mahomet”), Moloch, Astaroth (derived from Astarte/Ishtar), probably a lot more I’m not aware of. Anything that takes time or thought away from total religious devotion must be evil. Old white men might approve of games or sports they grew up with, but would probably complain if a kid started devoting too much time to chess or soccer.

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