Skeptiles: Episode 31 – John A. Wagner of New York City Atheists

Skeptiles: Episode 31 – John A. Wagner of New York City Atheists

SkeptilesSkeptiles for Tuesday, April 16th, 2013, in which we talk with John A. Wagner of New York City Atheists and Joe brings new Arrested Developments.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 31 – John A. Wagner of New York City Atheists”

  1. The ‘high on god’ tale made me laugh so hard I got me some funny looks in my office! Thought the cop who went to hospital for eating the hash-cake was a wuss, until Scooter pointed out how easy it is to do FAR too much with cake, then I felt a little sorry for him. Still, WTF did he think the hospital were gonna do? They gave him tranks – like downers are what you need when you’ve had a ton of hash-oil!

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