Skeptiles: Episode 29 – Stuff and Things

Skeptiles: Episode 29 – Stuff and Things


A slightly belated Skeptiles for Thursday, April 4th, 2013 in which we talk about the History Channel’s controversial series “The Bible”,  the Berlin art exhibit “Jew-In-A-Box”, Joe brings fresh Arrested Developments, and we talk about “dongle-gate” and Shawn explains what the hell dongles and forking repos are, finally we laugh at the outrage over Google honoring union leader Cesar Chavez on Easter Sunday.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 29 – Stuff and Things”

  1. Great show. I’m a bit ill this week, so maybe I’ll listen again sometime…. Don’t get this ‘History’ channel ‘The Bible’ stuff – how exactly can you put the stories of the bible on a channel dedicated to history? But then leave out all the ‘unacceptable’ bits? Has the ‘History’ channel been taken over by religious nuts, or do they simply get better viewing figures (and so more ad revenues) when they show completely fictitious and contrived shit like that?

    Regarding The Passion of the Christ; I was working as a cinema projectionist when that film came out. Normally I’d avoid that kind of crap, but I had to check the print was ok so had to sit through the whole of the movie watching closely and paying attention. No film has ever left me so in need of a drink and a sit down. Snuff-porn doesn’t even tell the half of it. The one thing I will say about it though – it doesn’t pull any punches or gloss over the icky bits like you described with the ‘History’ channel rubbish. They should make all kids watch it at Easter – put ’em of Christ and crosses for life. It’s crazy to think that the Romans were actually that brutal untold scores of people in those days, even if you don’t believe in Jeebus… they actually did that kind of evil stuff…

    And ‘donglegate’ was even more ridiculous than ‘elevatorgate’. Never has the phrase ‘first world problem’ seemed more appropriate than when women are complaining because complete strangers are making slightly naughty puns on stupid tech-terms, or moaning because someone is a bit drunk and propositions them. I have always sort of considered myself a ‘feminist’ in the sense that I think men and women are equal, but some of the stuff feminists/RadFems come out with seems crazy verging on delusional. It just makes me sad that so much energy is directed at such a hugely distracting straw-man when there are real enemies of men AND women out there that we could be uniting against…

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