Skeptiles: Episode 28 – It Starts with Comedy and Ends with Chocolate

Skeptiles: Episode 28 – It Starts with Comedy and Ends with Chocolate

SkeptilesSkeptiles for Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 in which we have a rambling conversation (do we have any other kind) about television, comedy, child molesters, gay marriage, easter, chocolate and whatever else occurred to us.



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4 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 28 – It Starts with Comedy and Ends with Chocolate”

  1. If you haven’t seen it yet then check out one of Gervais’ latest projects – An Idiot Abroad. It actually follows one of Ricky’s ‘friends’ as they send him to exotic foreign lands so he can be mentally tortured and be miserable. Me and my partner are undecided whether Karl is really like that, or if he is simply the greatest character actor ever…

    I’m with Scooter on the urge to commit paedophilia being a sexual kink/deviancy. I mean, homosexuality used to be viewed as being more or less equivalent (still is in some minds). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think in a couple of decades we’re all going to be facepalming, wondering why everyone was so up in arms about that ‘paedophilia nonsense’, but I do think that these sexual preferences are not choices, and quite frankly I feel real sorry for any poor schmuck that finds themselves attracted to children because they are screwed for life. But, yeah, raping kids is a crime and there is no excuse. So, just as if you found your kink was screwing corpses or animals or nuns, you really need to find a way to deal with it that isn’t cruel and illegal. I think were I depart somewhat from the usual liberal viewpoint is that I think it is possible to sort your sexual preferences out and change them. I know it’s kinda unfashionable as a) most people don’t feel they could change their sexual preferences and b) it is a supporting pillar for the LGBT-rights movement that people are just born this way and so we should give them rights. I think we should give them rights because it’s their fucking choice, not because they have no choice. I mean, I don’t think those crazy Christian ‘cures’ for being gay work, but I’ve read alot of Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson, amongst others, and they seem to have been able to do (or have witnessed) some pretty radical personality-transformations using LSD. Plus, there seems to be some pretty amazing things that can be done with MDMA therapy (it’s excellent for PTSD – which I suspect alot of paedophilia stems from; trauma after being abused…). I reckon if you took a paedophile, dosed them up on LSD and MDMA, started them on some porn and erotica, then moved on up through successive sessions to some really good quality hookers, you could probably turn their lives around. Only problem is the ‘right’ won’t do it cause it involves LSD and MDMA, and the ‘left’ wont do it as it would have some pretty serious repercussions for the LGBT-movement…. tough luck paedophiles.

    My favourite chocolate is probably Green & Blacks butterscotch. The only chocolate I’ve tried from the US that I like is Reeses’ [insert type here] – I have a flan dish at home and I swear one day I’m gonna make a 12″ pimped-out Reeses’ cup!

    Man it took ages to type this and the red background fucks my eyes up….. Great show guys!

  2. The Timothy Leary experiments were quite interesting, Anthony. Effective as well, probably the some of the best results against recidividism ever. I was a an incurable juvenille delinquent at 14 and was incarcerated, but escaped from Fronfield Hall in Media PA. While I was a fugitive I was turned onto Peyote and also some DMT. By the time the cops tracked me down I was more reformed from my violent ways than any institution could have offered, but was locked up until I was 17 and by the time I got out, I was reconditioned to be a thug.

    I’ve had problems with my attitude and the state ever since despite copious ammounts of acid but I’ve stayed out of the system, only 10 or so arrests since then, but nothing stuck.

    1. As far as Idiots Abroad, I don’t get it. Gervais is sadistic. When he is shitting on the rich and famous I love him, but when he sets up a premise for some poor loser jumping through hoops, he loses me.

      1. So you think the ‘Karl’ we get to see is the real Karl then? See, I’m not sure – I still suspect that he is simply an amazing character-actor. That he isn’t really that insulated and miserable. I actually think the same of Gervais – the Ricky we see is just a character that he puts on to rub people up the wrong way, maybe to put a mirror up to society… or maybe I’m reading too much into it… It’s just that every now and then he seems to talk more sense than any celebrity I generally hear. When he was asked about interenet piracy (after Season 2 of Extras was available as a torrent before the DVD was released) he said “I don’t care, why should I? I’ve already made the show, people are still buying the DVD, I’m still making money, why should I give a shit?” or something similar. That said, I don’t like everything he does; his latest series makes fun of mental disabilities in way that makes me really uncomfortable… And his TV/films is better than his stand-up…

        One interesting bit British comedy trivia is that the TV show that gave Ricky Gervais his breakthrough also gave Sasha Baron Cohen his breakthrough with Ali G (of course, he went on to be more famous for Borat and Bruno). But I think Sasha Baron Cohen is a much better comedian – I have no idea how he keeps a straight face doing half the shit he does! If you haven’t seen it, he gives these god-botherers a proper ribbing here:

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