Skeptiles: Episode 26 – Staise Gonzalez

Skeptiles: Episode 26 – Staise Gonzalez

SkeptilesSkeptiles for Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 in which we talk with former organizer for Houston Atheists, Staise Gonzalez about organizing atheist groups in the bible belt and facing discrimination for her atheism. Also, Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments and Scooter reads strange news items.



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2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 26 – Staise Gonzalez”

  1. Wow, I got a shout-out! Guess I can stop commenting now…. Ah, only joking – can’t get rid of me that easily! Thanks for the shout Shawn.

    Yeah, well Abu Qatada is totally guilty of being a bit brown with a big beard and a turban – that’s enough for most people after 9/11… Personally I don’t think they really want to deport him – he’s far too useful as a guy with a beard/turban in order to ‘rally the base’ round on immigration issues. It’s like abortion in the US – the GOP doesn’t actually want to have abortion made illegal, cause then they couldn’t use it as a rallying call for fundamentalist nut-jobs. It’s just like that, only with boarder-line racist immigration nut-jobs…

    I once knew a Jewish girl who was a proper wild party-girl, always out at raves partying hard. She was born in the UK so didn’t have to do IDF service but CHOSE to so she could keep a dual UK/Isreali passport. I thought she was crazy, but I guess she wanted to fit in….

    I cannot wait to hear your views on the new Pope in the next episode – any Catholic is comedy gold!

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