Skeptiles: Episode 24 – Pope on the Ropes

Skeptiles: Episode 24 – Pope on the Ropes


Skeptiles for Monday, February 25th, 2013, in which we talk about gay cabals and financial corruption in the Vatican, Joe brings us arrested developments and Scooter brings us headlines from



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Meteors, Russia, conspiracy, Tunguska… oh, my head hurts


2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 24 – Pope on the Ropes”

  1. Wow, I hadn’t even heard half of that Catholic stuff, and I been hearing alot! There is even more – the UKs highest Cardinal (and the only Brit who would get to vote for the new Pope) was fired dues to sex-abuse stuff (I think). Man, the Catholic church is imploding so fast it’s even worse than the episode of South Park ‘Red Hot Catholic Love’…

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