Skeptiles: Episode 20 – Darrel Ray

Skeptiles: Episode 20 – Darrel Ray

SkeptilesSkeptiles for Tuesday, January 29th 2013 in which Scooter and Joe interview psychologist Darrel Ray, author of “The God Virus: How Religion Affects Our Lives and Culture” and “Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality” also Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments.



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  1. Fantastic show! Darrel was fucking awesome. I have a personal view on secular sexuality; I was raised atheist and was never christened or any of that shit. My parents were hippy/punk types and I was conceived while they lived in a squat in Brixton (my birthday’s in September, so I’m guessing it was a combination of long winter nights and festive partying that did it). While my Mum came for a fairly un-religious family (her Mum only goes to church for midnight mass at xmas. Her Dad, when he was dying, said he thought Jesus was a charlitan ‘I mean, some guy comes along and says he’s the king of the Jews AND the son of God – the audacity of the man!’, but was broadly deist) my Dad came from an Irish Catholic family and it messed him up big time for about half his life. Where he didn’t let it effect him though was passing on his sexual hang-ups to us. I have no idea when we learnt the ‘facts of life’, but I remember a trip to London zoo when I was about 4 or 5 and seeing the lions humping and finding it hysterical and knowing EXACTLY what they were doing. I have a lot of love and thanks for my parents for leaving me a free as possible to be as weird as I like.

    Those Muslim cockneys were dicks, but that is actually how practically all Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims sound in London. East london (where they’re from) has an exceptionally large Indian community, but is also very popular with hipsters. So, one of the most famous Indian areas, Brick Lane and Shoreditch, is also one of the most famous hipster areas and they dress like this:

    The shit was bound to hit the fan eventually. That said, the area has a long history of resisting fascist and intolorent ideas, so for the most part that kind of thing doesn’t happen:

    BTW – GBH means Grievous Bodily Harm, basically seriously damaging someone…

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