Skeptiles: Episode 19 – Dummies With Guns

Skeptiles: Episode 19 – Dummies With Guns

SkeptilesSkeptiles for January 21st, 2013. Hope you enjoyed your Gun Appreciation Day! What possibly could’ve gone wrong? Well, we’re here to tell you. We also talk about the Mali music ban by Islamic extremists, Joe brings us Arrested Developments, a priest can’t answer how Adam and Eve’s kids made babies, and Scooter brings us a skit on guns from his other show and the latest Atheist Bible Study.



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 19 – Dummies With Guns”

  1. Another great show guys! From over here in the UK the US gun control arguments do seem somewhat odd; loads of gun nuts complain about having their guns taken away, but as far as I can see no-body is suggesting taking away the right to own a gun, only that there should be tighter controls over sales… The other thing that I find weird is that 2nd Amendment people already accept controls over the supply of arms – as far as I’m aware you cannot easily get hold of RPGs, artillery, or nukes…. Anyhow, I have heard a couple of good counter arguments though; AmazingAthiest pointed out that a) the rate of gun-deaths is still actually quite low, but also b) most gun-crime is gang/drug related, so the best thing the US gvmnt could do would be to legalise vices, depriving gangs of revenue…

    Cannot believe that you’ve never heard of Lilith Scooter! If you want to read some far out (overtly fictional) mythology of Lilith, including how she was instrumental in the creation of vampires, then you should check out the White Wolf RPG background book ‘The Book of Nod’, about the ‘history’ of vampires, Caine being banished to the land of nod where he meets Lilith… anyhow, there’s an online version here if you wanna have a look:

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