Skeptiles: Episode 17 – All Together Now

Skeptiles: Episode 17 – All Together Now

Skeptiles Skeptiles for January 8th, 2013 in which Joe returns with Arrested Developments and the gang talks about sexism, anonymous sex and Malaysian Islam, plus a fun chat about Israel/Palestine!



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One Reply to “Skeptiles: Episode 17 – All Together Now”

  1. Great show guys!

    You briefly touched on (no pun intended) Jimmy Saville (the kiddy-fiddler at the BBC). I would just like to take this moment to say that I have no idea how anyone could be surprised by this ‘revelation’. Have you seen pics of the guy? He was a complete weirdo; he dressed up in crazy bright 80s shell-suits, wore shit loads of gold chains and pink sunglasses, and smoked big Cuban cigars. He looked like some crazy mutant offspring of Flava Flav and Hannibal from the A-Team. I didn’t assume he was a paedophile ’cause he was odd, but when it all came out I wasn’t surprised, I just though ‘shit, well that explains alot’….

    Incidentally, there was a great show on TV years ago called ‘Brass Eye’ by a satirist called Chris Morris. They did a series of fake exposé type shows where they fool celebs into endorsing made-up and ridiculous public-info campaigns. The best was about a fake drug called ‘cake’ that was huge fluro-yellow pill. They even got one guy to say on camera that it was a ‘made-up drug’ – comedy genius. Anyhow, they also did a one-hour ‘paedogeddon’ special on paedophiles. When it ran it received so many complaints Channel 4 immediately cleared the schedule the next evening and played it again! Well worth watching if you can get hold of a copy…

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