Skeptiles: Episode 14 — Why Westboro Baptist Church is Right and Russell Brand is wrong and other conversations

Skeptiles: Episode 14 — Why Westboro Baptist Church is Right and Russell Brand is wrong and other conversations

skeptiles3-itunes Skeptiles for 12-12-12! In which we talk about a “debate” between loons from the Wesboro Baptist Church and “comedian” Russell Brand about the nature of Christianity, we laugh at dumb walking dead fans, Joe brings us Arrested Developments, and we follow up on our previous healthcare and pot and gay marriage rants. Plus we all talk about our favorite podcasts.



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Our Favorite Podcasts:

Joe: This is Hell

Shawn: The Jimmy Dore Show, Cognitive Dissonance, Radiolab

Scooter: The Smartest Man in the World, Skeptoid


2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 14 — Why Westboro Baptist Church is Right and Russell Brand is wrong and other conversations”

  1. Hello, me again!

    You’re right, Russell Brand is a rubbish comedian. Can’t say I was upset when he moved to the States to be with Katy Perry, and quite frankly you can keep him… That said he is a pretty good-guy as far as things go. You should check out the evidence he gave to Parliament regarding UK drugs policy – almost as good as the Rowen Atkinson evidence Scooter included in one of The Inner Side episodes a few years ago! And I don’t think Scooter is in any position to be rubbishing Mr Brand’s (and the reast of the UK’s) looks – have you seen his picture above?! A goofier looking guy has not yet been found! Only joking Scooter; at the end of the day, who really gives a shit. I’d rather be interesting that pretty any day – you’ll lose your looks eventually, but interesting only gets more so….

    Oh, and regarding the atheistic UK; our census results were just released and now 25% of us are non-believers! Not only that, but my home-town comes in the top-10 for non-believers at 36% AND the top-10 for Jedi at 0.6%. I’ve never been so proud….

    Another great show lads! Definitely brightened my day at the office. Your swearing did shock the Brazilian woman training with us though. I just said ‘what the fucks wrong with swearing?’ and left it at that.

  2. Hi Antony,

    Thanks for your comments. Based on comments alone, I think you are our biggest fan.

    Why aren’t you other assholes commenting or liking things on our page? Give us a fucking chance to at least say how the fuck are you and thank you for fucking listening to our show, you bastards!


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