Skeptiles: Episode 12 – Palestine, Patrick and Priests

Skeptiles: Episode 12 – Palestine, Patrick and Priests

Skeptiles for Tuesday, November 20th in which we talk about Israel/Palestine and the international hacker group “Anonymous” with our guest “Patrick” from San Diego and Joe brings us Arrested Developments: stories of clergy behaving badly. Finally, Scooter shares a harrowing ‘gator story with us from his time as a merchant marine.



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2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 12 – Palestine, Patrick and Priests”

  1. Hey guys, great show! Was listening on my phone, but you cried so much about not getting any comments I thought I’d come here and tell you it worked; boo-hoo-ing for attention just like a little girl got you the attention you so crave.

    Oh, and BTW, ehem [puts on best corny Dick van Dyke cockney accent] oim frum Sussex, sow ay bi’ les ov the piss-take, fank yow ver’ much! Only joking, it’s nice that our disgusting and evil clergy are attracting attention amongst your normal home-grown perverts. And Gloucester is pronounced ‘Gloster’ – I know it’s stupid, but it does give us one of our favourite past-times over here; laughing at Americans trying to pronounce our stupidly (if historically rooted) spelt place names! Man, you should hear how some people say ‘Loughborough’ – it should be pronounced ‘Luff-burra’.

    Wow, looking at this very red website has made my eyes go all weird – either that, or someone’s spiked the kool-aid and work will be ‘interesting’ today…

    Oh, and if I hear of anything worth pointing in your direction, particularly about the Clergy, I will. Keep up the good work!

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