Skeptiles: Episode 118 – Fuck you, Garry Trudeau!

Skeptiles: Episode 118 – Fuck you, Garry Trudeau!

skeptiles4-itunes Skeptiles for Monday, April 20th, 2015 — happy stoner day, potheads, too bad for you we don’t talk about pot. But we do talk about unfunny “satirist” and living reason for advocating that baby boomers just die already, Garry Trudeau who believes that free speech and satire are not rights but privileges. We also talk about police murdering black people. We discuss the anniversary of the Union defeat of southern slave owning traitors and The War Nerd’s article about which southern traitors should have hanged. James Dobson and Bobby Jindal say some crazy shit. And Joe brings us fresh Arrested Developments and a quiz.



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