Skeptiles: Episode 109 – Joke-o Haram

Skeptiles: Episode 109 – Joke-o Haram

skeptiles4-itunes Skeptiles for Sunday, January 25th, 2015 (recorded on January 11th, 2015) and we are joined by comedian John Murdock to talk about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Islam and the left’s response. We also discuss death threats against a Lebanese pornstar and Joe has a new quiz.



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2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 109 – Joke-o Haram”

  1. Yo great show guys. Sucks to hear Joe is leaving. I have to ask you Joe, do you have a negative reaction to the word nigger? If not do you KNOW that other black men do? Alot of liberal types would defend an “oppressed” black dude if said black dude punched (with much gusto) or beat a so-called “privileged” white dude who hurled the controversial word. The generic liberal would say to the white dude “serves you right.” This despite the fact that a punch or beating could result in serious injury or death. Now based on what you said on the show, you believe a person “should get over it” if what you say offends them. In the context of making statements about Islam, a Muslim should get over it, is what you said. It should follow that a black man should “get over it” if someone says nigger to him. After all, a word is simpler than a drawing and also “sticks and stones,” right? But perhaps you meant in a context of onstage comedy only. Do you agree that this contextual requirement is a personal preference, in this case yours? The person being offended has his personal preference for context as well. So, for instance, a gangster black dude may never allow a preppy white dude to say the word nigger at him or merely in the vicinity of him. Based on these considerations, it should follow that a Muslim person may not allow you to insult him with whatever he feels insulted by, be it a word, multiple words, a drawing, etc. The Muslim may punch or beat you to serious injury or death just like the black man may do the white dude for being called a nigger. The general social psychological phenomenon is that humans all over the world can be offended by almost anything and will “choose” a course of action that lies on a spectrum of possible actions that depend on those individuals’ psychological disposition and other factors. Id say most murders in the US are probably a result of being offended by the victim in some way or other. And this probably extends to the rest of the planet. What say you sir?

  2. Jesus, why am I just seeing this comment? Anyway, let me streamline my feelings. I should not, in my own office, in my secular country expect anything beyond a nasty email and maybe a boycott if I draw Muhammad and publish it and some Muslim nutjob takes it upon himself to be offended for a billion people. And had boycotts and emails been the reaction to Charlie Hebdo no one would care. It would still be absurd to expect non-Muslims to follow Muslim blasphemy laws but go ahead and peacefully protest. However, instead what we got was murder. Then, to add insult to slaughter, we got people making stupid excuses for said murder. Well, fuck that noise. I don’t make excuses for people who kill cartoonist for being offended. I don’t care what offends you. I do care if your reaction to being offended is violence and mayhem. Period. Full stop. And one final point, on this ‘offended’ nonsense. What are Jews suppose to do? They also are getting shot in these events. The Charlie Hebdo attack included the mowing down of people in a Jewish grocery. Those Jews weren’t in Israel. They aren’t drawing Muhammad. How did they offend? How are they like saying the word, nigger? Give me fucking break.

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