Skeptiles: Episode 107 – Everybody Hates Atheists

Skeptiles: Episode 107 – Everybody Hates Atheists

skeptiles4-itunes Skeptiles for Friday, December 19th, 2014:

Whiskey Brothers, Darwin Awards:last chance to vote, More Dick and Vagina Etymology, Everybody Hates Atheists. Russian Orthodox Gay Inquisition, the Seven Dildo Law, Ray Hill, Jesus hates rape sluts at Bob Jones U apology, Darrel Ray: Sex and Religion, Original Sin, Shit just Happens, Biblical slut and victim shaming, Torture Report and Buttsex, No Jail for Ruling Class or Troops, Free Speech wins for a change, and once again, Joe Dixon humiliates Scooter and Leighann with arcane crap and trick questions.

The impossible coincidence that a priest was busted and his name was Father Bendajo, and Scooter is exonerated that cock did really mean pussy in the old south.



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2 Replies to “Skeptiles: Episode 107 – Everybody Hates Atheists”

  1. Tech issue. If you want to look into this, send me a message on email and I’d be glad to provide any details I have.

    Issue: The last 3 or so episodes from the RSS feed won’t play for me using a variety of players under Android 4.4. No errors are kicked back. The file is just skipped as if it were empty. Under Linux (desktop), they do play fine and can be converted from mp3 to other formats and back to mp3 without error. The mp3-to-wav-to-mp3 converted file does play fine under Android.

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